Power Plants: Triphala For Digestive Health & More


Triphala is a synergistic blend of three plants — Haritaki (nut-like fruit), Bibhitaki (tree fruit) and Amla (gooseberry) — for different powerful remedies, including but definitely not limited to digestive issues. They are each powerful on their own, but as a combination even more so. In passing I read that Haritaki is used for, among many things, helping with dark circles under the eyes, which is in part a circulatory issue.

Triphala has been around at least a thousand years as a staple of Indian ayurvedic medicine, which has been getting more attention in the US — probably because that modality is gentler and more respectful of the body.

This article is very informative and I highly recommend:


Another top shelf Super Yuck Smoothie

Triphala is a part of this fiber blend I found recently. It became part of the next of my Super Yuck smoothies series. This one despite the name was delicious, though. The base is turmeric coconut milk from Trader Joe’s.

The Supplement Nerd keeps things basic by mostly sticking to the plant or main ingredient with little to no additives, and recommends research.


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