Adulting 202: The Most Important Quality In A Mentor

The most important quality in a mentor, leader or coach is supportive belief. That person is able to tell you that whatever it is you seek to do, you can do it.

An even better coach guides as to how. They won’t waste time telling you why you can’t do something.

The former is maturity and independence; the latter is an ego blockage and possibly dependence.

An ideal mentor has ventured into some deep self analysis, and believes in the innate human capacity for achievement and growth — without engaging in petty hyper-competitiveness or bias.

Self awareness and analysis lead to the removal or circumvention of bias.

By no means does a great leader or mentor have to be perfect — they must be SELF AWARE. I still put supportive belief though as the most important characteristic because this implies the maturity of some self awareness.

Also, in order to be truly supportive, one has to be secure in oneself, not easily threatened. And this implies having a certain amount of faith, whether it be in oneself or the grand design, and a measure of temperance.

So by extension, a great leader, mentor or coach at the ground level believes in themselves as an inherently worthy human being. And from there, can confer that upon others.

The ideal leader is immune to artificial concerns such as “job security” and celebrates talent.

When one realizes how rich (genetically, epigenetically, intellectually) we all are at this point, one can confidently say to oneself and others: I believe in you. You can do anything. In a way when you say that, you mean humanity. By extension you say I believe in your freedom and inherent right to have desires and direct and enjoy your life.

A leader wants to help you, not hinder you. They are not envious; they have no reason to be because they recognize the value of their own individual perspective and life, thus the individuality of others.

Can you be a leader?

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