Art + Design: New Studio Shangri-La Hotel Collection

Hotel / Industrial

The latest and developing collection is inspired by just that — development. These pieces are urban textural studies that are interesting to look at and enhance ambiance.

There is a definite rough yet modern esthetic here that I’m going for, with emphasis on texture and materials. These photographs are intended for the large market of developers and developments, including both residential and commercial properties. And yes, that includes hotels. In fact, I was greatly inspired by the style of The Row Hotel at Assembly Square, as well as the overall feel and spirit of Kendall Square.

These piece are available through TurningArt and their many connected outlets such as West Elm. They are also available direct and I make pieces on commission.

It should be noted these studies are a bit of a more straightforward departure from the fanciful geometric work I’ve been doing, but in common celebrate fabric and pattern.


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