Olympic Lifting & Beyond: How I Boost Muscle Recovery In Training

Lavish Nutrient Density

1. Sleep

Generous amounts of it and even the occasional unabashed hibernation! This is a vital means of regeneration and recovery. I do best with a more traditional rhythm, when I’m more or less following the sun. And remember, the mental rest is just as important. By now you may have heard that nervous system cleanse occurs during sleep.

2. Superfoods

You know what this means — the more nutrient dense the better and more satiating, so heavy on the fruits, vegetables, and proteins yet also grains, herbs and spices. I’m also going to include Water as a superfood here! Yet, I also indulge, especially before or after significant exertion.

3. Supplements

Too many to list here. There’s a supplement for every occasion. Superfoods like pomegranate are on the list, plant extracts (I don’t swallow capsules because the coatings are hard to digest), also collagen, triphala and psyllium husk for digestive health, to macromolecules like NAD. I choose carefully for my specific needs and I pay careful attention to sources and ingredients.

4. Spa Treatments

A lot of modalities fall under this category. My favorites include massage and vibration therapy, light and sound therapies, as well as sauna and steam room. I pay particular attention to skin because it’s considered the largest organ of the body and a front line of the immune system.

5. Spirituality

This encompasses meditation and the overall coherence of the different levels of self. That is, the more conscious and connected one becomes, the better overall physiological function and recovery. Connectedness to levels physical self, or deep learning for humans, leads to self knowledge and better decision making. That includes feeling into an issue with intuitive sense. Meditation is also an opportunity for refining beliefs, transcending limitation and programming oneself. Prayer is an extension of meditation, giving thanks for life, including oneself and physical performance.

6. Sweat

Aside from occasional sauna, I also keep regular aerobic exercise in the loop for cardiovascular health and overall circulation. Lifting is my focus, so I keep this moderate, with occasional HIIT, jogging or jump rope. Fast Walking is my most common choice because it’s easy and we’re engineered for it! I find walking greatly contributes to my recovery and joint health. On a different note, I garnish with yoga/stretching and rolling.

7. Satisfaction

In my programming I make sure to include what I enjoy and not just hammer myself into the ground, trying to do everything every day. Satisfaction is a practice and I pat myself on the back along the path of “micro achievements” if you will! Satisfaction & Enjoyment are key to recovery because then you learn to appreciate both the peaks and the valleys and the purpose they play. One can relish a rest period for example and then be truly ready to resume course when the time comes.


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