Home + Health: Completely Natural Moisturizer & Exfoliant

Flax Oil


Collagen powder

That’s it — very easy to mix at home. Feels great too. The trehalose sugar here acts as the exfoliant. And this can be used on the entire body, then rinsed off.

And keep in mind, similar substances can be combined for this effect as well. I’m finding this combination very effective though. The collagen powder is sort of an extra. Only the trehalose and flax could be used.

Oftentimes I read labels and think “Why is that in there?” The inclusion of certain petrochemicals and other additives is perplexing.

Making this mixture at home gets right to the good stuff, with no supposed need for strange preservatives either.

Not recommending it, but even if I ate this it would be quite nutritious, a sign of safety.

Separately I’d put trehalose in drinks, flax oil in salad dressing, and collagen in shakes or coffee.


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