Environment + Space: The Importance Of Bacteria & How Cyanobacteria Create Habitable Atmospheres


We are here thanks in large part to microbes and bacteria. And Cyanobacteria, of blue green algae, are among the oldest organisms around, known fossil records dating back billions of years.


Cyanobacteria created oxidation, or photosynthesis, which in turn formed Earth’s atmosphere. Accumulations of cyanobacteria even helped shape the terrain.

We are here because of them, so it’s nonsensical to war against the micro-world. Besides, we’d lose that battle because microorganisms are highly adaptable and malleable. After all, they’re some of the geniuses responsible for our great and growing sentience.

From anti-bacterial hand soap to nano-septic self-cleaning surfaces that destroy most bacteria — that just doesn’t seem like a bright approach to me. At least have the self cleaning surfaces be selectively tuned.

Anti anti-antibacterial

Because what do you get when you “wash away” *all* bacteria? I don’t want to find out, personally. Being afraid of microorganisms is esssentially irrational, being afraid of nature and oneself. How to make something virulent — let’s see, provoke or (try to) destroy it.

A human being is a collection of micro organisms. So it makes zero sense for western/industrialized medicine and products to fight this. Well, it’s ignorant of the broader evolutionary picture and the way things work biologically. As we live more in harmony with the natural environment and with new knowledge and awareness, virulence will subside.

The larger issue is humans being environmentally destructive, so nature too has a system of checks and balances. That’s a big reason why sustainability initiatives are so important.

From the balance of ecosystems, to the soil that grows food, to the microbiome in our digestive system, microbes are important. We’re still studying how photosynthesis exactly works. They deserve respect.

Yes, that is turning popularized hierarchy on its side, but that seems necessary for human survival. The micro-world is our foundation. And washing that away equates to destruction.

Here’s a great example of the importance of bacteria in the news: Cyanobacteria show promise in life support systems on Mars and ultimately the creation of a habitable atmosphere.

Let’s underscore how important this is: They have helped give us life on this planet, and they’re about to help give us life on other planets and survive in space. It’s high time to make peace with nature here on Earth through biosynergetic approaches to help preserve global ecosystems.


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