Chemistry, Environment + Public Health: Portable Waste To Energy — A Trashcan That Powers Your Home

Waste management is such an important issue right now and for the future of earth that the value of innovation in this area is greater than currency.

In other words, sustainable innovations going on right now and their acceleration are tremendously valuable. If anyone tries to hoard technology or charge top dollar, that could have globally adverse effects, which means that this affecting everyone in every country.

One of the most promising developments, which I have written about lately, is waste to energy, the use of both classic and novel chemistries to create a circular path for two of societies most pressing issues: Waste and Energy.

Fortunately, the company Sierra Energy is pioneering the popularization of Gasification, or pyrolysis and they skip combustion going directly to vaporization. As such, the systems are rather large and are designed to serve large areas. That’s wonderful because that can become a municipal new normal. In some countries like Sweden, this has already taken effect.

Taking a step further however, portable systems like that pictured above by Impact BioEnergy, would completely revolutionize the process, even potentially eliminating large waste management facilities by cutting out the middle steps and taking it directly to the residence or business.

Can you imagine having a completely sustainable circular home? I can. Like innovations in computer technology, it’s only a matter of probably a short time before these systems become small enough for individuals to purchase and use in their homes.

Could one build one of these? Sure, with some resourcefulness… However, this systematic change could make such a huge difference sooner rather than later by portable waste to energy becoming readily available, easy to buy.

Whichever company or companies succeed in this can make a profit and also charge a reasonable price. Again, it’s important that the latter happens so that the technology and systemic improvements can make a difference right away, because we need it.

The Impact BioEnergy system is among the smallest that are currently coming onto the market. Another portable waste-to-energy system is HomeBiogas and they are already selling these on their website.

2020 sketch

Smaller still is the above design I sketched in 2020, imagined for use anywhere and able connect as necessary to “the grid.” VapoCan — or Lasercan — could this be its time? I would love to see something like this come into commercial production. I can see myself making a prototype, but I don’t know how long that would take, or exactly how to take something like that to market. That’s the hold-up in many cases, perhaps.

Well, if I were to succeed in making one, I’d definitely post about it. Honestly, I hope those much farther along with more resources release one today. Like I said, I’d proudly walk over to Target and buy it. Then, I’d return home and hook it up!

The end result is all about cleaning up the Earth and keeping it that way through systemic improvements, getting rid of landfills, and enhancing quality of life.


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