Bio + Health: Noninvasive & Sonic Stem Cell Therapy

Non-invasive longevity medicine is the new frontier. And life wants to LIVE. We’re populated and supported by *trillions of microorganisms. And if they couldn’t learn and adapt, we wouldn’t be here.

Breaking down the word “Mesenchymal” as in Mesenchymal stem cells, reveals the Ancient Greek words for middle, tissue and infusion.

Stem cells, often referred to as primitive I’ve noticed, are actually quite advanced in their versatility. And more and more non-invasive methods are opening up for their therapeutic use.

In the field of nanotechnology, as you can partly see above, nanoscale scaffolding/matrix or patch creation is one method of delivery.

And easy access Stem cells can be found in our fat tissue and this is referred to as Adipose Derived Stem Cells, or ADSC. They are far more abundant there than in bone marrow. Stem cells can also be found in the bulb of hair follicles.

They have “the capacity for self-renewal and multipotential differentiation.”

When physically extracted from fat, a process of ultrasonification is in development to separate out and then differentiate the stem cells.

Also just recently, at MRIT, high frequency sound waves were proven successful in stem cell differentiation for bone growth, which I have previously posted about in more detail. Sound has also been shown effective for regrowing hair.

Completely non-invasive Sound wave cell therapy, without extraction, is emerging. This means sound passing through tissue to heal damaged areas. One specific therapy is called Soft Wave Tissue Regeneration Therapy. There are even devices you can purchase.

On that linked website you can find therapy providers in your area. In other words, advances in sound and stem cell technology are rapidly advancing and becoming more available. Healing everything is here.

This is not a paid partnership for any of the above; I’m just enthusiastic about regenerative medicine and research.

Keep an eye out for sound therapies. I believe it’ll be increasingly versatile and game changing.


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