Bio + Evolution: Human Stem Cells Are Infinitely Regenerative

Human stem cells contain the potential of infinite regeneration and pluripotency means they can become any type of cell. They do so by mitotic cell division, and mitosis is asexual. So, asexual reproduction occurs within the human body. Mitosis is run by a cell cycle system; the phases are activated by advanced interactions of enzymesContinue reading “Bio + Evolution: Human Stem Cells Are Infinitely Regenerative”

Bio + Health: Noninvasive & Sonic Stem Cell Therapy

Non-invasive longevity medicine is the new frontier. And life wants to LIVE. We’re populated and supported by *trillions of microorganisms. And if they couldn’t learn and adapt, we wouldn’t be here. Breaking down the word “Mesenchymal” as in Mesenchymal stem cells, reveals the Ancient Greek words for middle, tissue and infusion. Stem cells, often referredContinue reading “Bio + Health: Noninvasive & Sonic Stem Cell Therapy”

RE-POST: “Sound waves convert stem cells into bone in regenerative breakthrough” — RMIT

“Regrowing or replacing bone lost to disease is tricky and often painful. In a new study Australian researchers have found a relatively simple way to induce stem cells to turn into bone cells quickly and efficiently, using high-frequency sound waves.” — Read on YES! I’ve been writing about sound tech the past couple years,Continue reading “RE-POST: “Sound waves convert stem cells into bone in regenerative breakthrough” — RMIT”