Bio + Evolution: Human Stem Cells Are Infinitely Regenerative

Human stem cells contain the potential of infinite regeneration and pluripotency means they can become any type of cell.

They do so by mitotic cell division, and mitosis is asexual. So, asexual reproduction occurs within the human body.

Mitosis is run by a cell cycle system; the phases are activated by advanced interactions of enzymes and other proteins. Biology! It’s advanced engineering.

The equipment is there — What would allow infinite regulated cell divisions?

In order for favorable results to occur, cells are able to both lengthen and shorten their chromosomal telomeres.

Another way of saying this is they can both feedback and feedforward control. These calculating control words come from electronics.

Technology comes full circle! An Adaptive control type system is ideal. Keep in mind, mapping cell division parameters with a circuit diagram would be a simplified overview of key concepts.

This biological process and others are highly complex and orchestrated, so it’s fortunate we have computation evolving alongside us in our quest of understanding.

At this point, I’m concluding that the mechanisms for infinite adaptive regeneration are already there; we have merely to realize them. And in so doing, achieve a major quantum biological upgrade.

We know to want this possibility now because of increased awareness, and that it’s possible through technological advancement that mirrors us, and how it happens because of self biological study.

In other words — if you want, there’s no need to transcend our bodies to achieve immortality because the body is built to transcend! We should be able to tell from evolution by now, right? : )

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