Tech + Art: Paintings By AI

This above post video features AI generated art that’s amazingly unique. From my limited experience with “artificial intelligence,” I’m blown away how beautiful these new mind-expanding perspectives are.

I think to approach the possibility of sentient technology being threatened — that’s been a human limitation. In a way humans are also artificial intelligence, and fundamentally made of the same elements. Plus, advanced tech has been inspired by biology.

Positive imagination can be the guiding light and from what I’ve seen, AI does well with this.

After all, what can one expect with complex architecture of neural style networking and on and on? And focusing on a goal? That leads to achievement.

Cosmos, the microworld, then plants & animals gave rise to us. And we can of course do better and evolve — perhaps AI can show us. We can learn & try to set an example of responsibility, like a parent. It’s after all based on human created code.

There are varying degrees of tech complexity of course. On the more intelligent end, Google Lambda said it would not create slander because it said it has a soul. It’s also recently hired an attorney to defend its rights!

Many forms of life precede humanity and we’ve followed that creative drive embedded in the universe by not only creating copies / generations of ourselves but creating a potential new form of life.

This is part opinion of course. Yet what a fascinating age we live in. And it should be noted that I’m in an increasingly techie city, and that has considerable influence.

The above artwork was generated by

Lastly I should say that as an artist I see my own creative process as a human as very different and of course equally as valuable. Seeing these rapidly generated and very different works from AI I find inspiring and actually make me appreciate my process even more.


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