Health, Tech + Philosophy: Upgrading Medical Care In The USA

Understanding of Micro & Macro / From neurons & Galactic framework

How can medical or healthcare in the USA be upgraded?

By incorporating the latest non-invasive technologies, with some of the oldest concepts and philosophies.

Western [colonized] medicine has been held back and stunted by nonsensical institutionalized barbarism against biology and nature.

What strikes me and many others I’ve talked to, is the small mindedness of many medical practices that operate by an obfuscated rule book, and like a business.

Go in for an evaluation and one gets cryptic replies, little advice, referrals to specialists and then a large bill.

Onward from the frustration though, what can practically be done?

That’s traced to education, which needs to be cross-functional like life itself. Take the tree-like structure of neurons and expand that up to intergalactic levels for example. Everything is interconnected systems.

Therefore, it makes no sense to treat segments of the body as if they were isolated from each other and from nature, with no ability to heal themselves and do what they do. That’s just not the case. We can see and experience that. The body has miraculous intelligence that’s evolved over millennia. Our modern consciousness has blossomed from that.

Somehow the medical perspective has become very convoluted, like a programming rabbit hole. Well, it’s time to get real. I should be able to visit a doctor who will readily share insight! And who understands anatomy, themselves and physical fitness, and electrical energy, for starters.

Other sectors have become comparably far more advanced, such as computing, physics and astronomy.

Medicine must be informed by this. It’s far too insular and businesslike for the good of society. The human biological and yes philosophical relationship within self and to others, must come into focus. There’s no way to have data without context, or meaning.

Also — I’ve written before about the re-entry of [native] plant medicine, the earth’s bountiful remedies, and about non-invasive energy medicines such as directed meditation and sonic therapies.

And for more urgent situations there are newer sound and light healing and burgeoning precision genetic technologies that must be allowed to proliferate and be accessible to everyone. Otherwise, why go the doctor? Why go in if one does not receive any kind of care or type of healing?

And here’s a huge point:

What can be further understood also is of course the already incredibly advanced technology of the human body itself. We can continue to explore the possibilities and advancements within ourselves, our genetic code, with trust.

“In god we trust.” That’s on our money. Well, biology is a form of God.

What kind of faith is it that believes that death has to occur by fighting life. Energy is shown to be deathless anyway by physics.

An interpretation of western industrialized medicine is that there’s always fighting and dying and battling going on, and in the world of microorganisms. Well, especially with what we know of the quantum observer effect, is that really the desired perception or focus? For me anyway, it’s not.

What made some people think there’s all this violence going in inside us? The violence without perhaps, the confusion of rapidly developing intelligence… Inside, it’s clearly a massively cooperative effort; otherwise, we wouldn’t be here. But perception can get skewed in a lot of cases, and some things go foolishly against nature, creating undesirables, like covering the earth in asphalt and then wondering why it’s getting hotter.

We learn though, and then it’s time to apply the lessons.

In an infinite universe of powerful energies, it simply doesn’t make sense to try and create the illusions of scarcity or denial. I think that’s great to consider.

Self realization is there for the development of any person, of ones genetic code, that is programmable, reprogrammable and can be expanded upon.

Unfortunately “western” healthcare has been based on the retraction of self knowledge, and perhaps to say the least an also unfortunate turn of some peoples on the evolutionary decision tree, which amounts to a philosophical detour away from Earth or nature.

It’s ironic because the institutionalized medicine that’s been put forth by academia in the US often pridefully describes being lofty and data driven. Well, you can’t just spit out numbers. As I mentioned before, there’s always some kind of perspective and context. SO, better make it useful and constructive!

In an infinite universe of universes especially, there’s no *good reason to create doctrines of limitation, or try and deprive others of freedom or knowledge, or exploration. And now at last we’re expanding to other planets.

In saying this about life, healthcare, the universe and everything, I know that we can and will do better.


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