Titus Oceanus: A Sculptural Journey

Titus Oceanus

Titus: honorable or strong; of the giants

Oceanus: the ocean, of the ocean

This is a 7 foot driftwood piece and here’s the story:

This highly sculptural piece of driftwood showed up seemingly out of place in an urban environment. On my walk I passed by it several times before deciding to pick it up. It wasn’t going anywhere; just drying in the sun on an industrial sort of fishing area next to the locks.

I decided to get it because fallen wood is ideal to work with environmentally. And this piece is truly striking, like a creature or barque from the deep. After I saw a whale in a dream, that confirmed the project!

Process & materials:

First I washed the piece off and let it dry again.

Next I applied a coat of refined coconut oil, let it dry.

After that I applied a few coats of charcoal paint that I made simply by mixing charcoal powder with water.

Next came the application of mulberry juice stain from fresh mulberries and also a brewed black coffee stain.

The final coats are silicone oil, and this can be used for touch-up.

The end result is a deep dark rich uniform brown that also accents the natural shape and texture of the wood.

I’m especially proud of this piece and process because the treatment of it is completely non-toxic. Whereas, you see lots of warnings on stains and finishes in the hardware store. I took care in selecting low impact and even nourishing substances.

I did my best to, in my mind, respect this offering from nature. When I made the charcoal paint, I was inspired by the Chinese calligraphy book I was reading, which came my way from a public book bin.

This natural sculpture definitely deserves prominent display.

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