The Magenta Cube: My Experience With VR

Around the time I started back in on reading GEB: an eternal golden braid by Douglas Hofstadter I experienced a very vivid sculptural dream image. And it’s not unusual for me to have unusual dreams because I actively engage my creativity in waking hours.

The sculptural scenario that I saw in the dream was of a large concrete magenta cube sitting atop a large round cream colored marble table. Furthermore, the table was sitting on top of a large cream colored and luxurious looking rug that was rumpled, so that it looks like a rippling surface. I’m going even further – all of this was sitting in the larger Grecian style temple made also of marble of the same color. And the magenta cube atop the table was sitting in this large expanse, an open area of the temple. Talk about one universal allegory of an installation!

The scene was/is beautiful and looks like it should be part of an experiential museum exhibit. Anyway, this powerful imagery prompted me to seek out my first AI generated art experience with the app Wombo.AI.

I was dazzled by what the algorithms could produce in different styles from the inputs of different words and phrases. The above image of the magenta cube was generated using the app. I had to test a few different configurations of words in order to get something that looks mostly like the dream. AI art from what I can tell readily embraces the surreal or dreamlike subjects.

As I said before, the book I’ve been reading deals with among other topics code, systems, logic, patterns, wordplay and so much more.

I came to relate the cube to a joyous core of creation, nested inside other ensuing levels of creation or pattern generation, root geometry inside architecture.

Here’s where I get vaguely into computer science (That’s appropriate after all because that’s how the image was generated) — Moving down levels in a memory stack or dimensions towards source is referred to as recursion or “pushing” and then moving out or up levels is I believe “popping” or called iteration.

Back to GEB, I imagine Bach developing out the theme of a fugue — It could go anywhere, but there are certain rules based on what came before In order to produce a result and Further the sequence.

Of course the giant cube at Mecca is black like space. I think of this also and what I’ve been learning about traditions and sacred geometry. The symbolism Of the magenta (choice of my subconscious) cube is important to me in this way also, As a representation of source energy, God, love, desire, curiosity and the creation of reality. And Everything that comes from that creative wellspring as an AKA.

All right thus far I traveled from dream image to AI arts, and literature. And what is AI but another iteration of intelligence, Another branch in the larger decision tree.

One of many interesting qualities about this is the incorporation of 2D or flat dimensional qualities and then some that go far beyond, Especially by mental association.

The technology can be a reflection or examination of self and humanity. What I have experienced so far is that it can also be expansion or recursion, an exploration of perception.

Okay, next stop: I’ve become one of the first 300,000 Oculus users in the world. My experience with advanced AI prompted me to explore.

The unboxing and initial experience was truly magical. Although, with the Quest 2 I’m trying not to use it too much because I got some vertigo. I wasn’t even playing crazy games; I was just testing out the moves — having the ability to go either glide between objects or teleport. Well, my brain was like “Woah Keanu!”

It made me feel like I was a Quantum Particle darting around on a circuitboard. Perhaps needless to say, I was a bit disoriented is the aftermath. I felt somewhat disembodied. Now, I realize this isn’t much of an advertisement for the Oculus, but to be fair if I use fewer movements for shorter duration this doesn’t happen.

What experiencing the sensation of teleportation, in a way, is doing to me I can’t exactly say but I can say this it’s been mind expanding. And hey, I’m looking forward to actual teleportation!

I should emphasize what amazing technology the Meta Oculus system is. I was even moved to tears by immersive spaceflight program. Yes, the technology has a lot farther to go. For one thing, the gear should be lightweight and minimal eventually, and there should be tactile or haptic interface. For my part anyway, my extremities became disoriented by the fact that I could move around and move objects but I could not feel them.

Just to reiterate, if I am judicious with my movements and I don’t use the VR for as long that doesn’t become an issue. To be honest, I view the experience Like a treat or mini getaway. After all, I’m looking forward to actual space flight! Until that point though the VR experience is special, Definitely a science-fiction dream come true, Precursor to the holodeck, and a world within a world.

And that comes back to the magenta cube and concept. You have your source field which coalesces into a core and then from there develops out in many different directions into whatever else. And you move your branches forward or back them Up like an RNA protein moving DNA, which Hofstadter’s book talks about as well.

The best conclusion here is that my experience with AI and virtual reality so far has been positive because I have chosen to them be and I am exercising some moderation. I’ve also been willing to engage, clearly, in some self reflection. The thing about a recursion or expansion of one’s reality is that one has a certain implicit responsibility to direct it in the way that one wants it to go.

Lastly lastly, I am so unmotivated to find an actual magenta cube because it was quite aesthetically pleasing! All in all, Who knows how many housings are actually around it. 😆


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