OCTAVES Music Goes Neoclassical

Solo classical guitar

“Nirvana” was more or less composed by improvisation, though with a couple of parameters.

I decided to map the letters of the word over the sequence of musical keys and that decided the notes for the theme. Reason being, I wanted to create something evocative yet that I wouldn’t normally create.

The result is a mini symphony of influences, as both polyphonic classical guitar and piano lend themselves to, Blends different tonalities and emotions.

This can imply that reaching a Nirvana state can be complex and multifaceted Or involve a lot of different experiences. There are also some dynamic chordal moments That remind me a little bit of the band Nirvana. that was some of the first music I ever played the first time I picked up a guitar When I was a kid.

This recording sounds vintage like it was made a hundred years ago — I realize this. It’s likely this and other scores will be coming soon as PDF downloads!

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