On The Supplement Shelf: Trehalose + D-Ribose for Longevity & Exercise Recovery


Recovery “RNA” Lemonade:

• Sparkling Water

• Lemon

• Trehalose

• D-Ribose

• Modified Citrus Pectin

I’ve been on a trehalose complex kick for a little while now, long enough to experience that it helps with exercise recovery. Trehalose aka mycose, is a type of energetic and protective sugar produced by the organisms listed at the above instagram link. I also wrote about it a while back in “Examining Biological Immortality In Nature.”


The Trehalose Complex also contains D-ribose and modified citrus pectin, which respectively are key to mitochondrial function and contribute to blood detoxification. There’s also the fact that ribose is the structural backbone of RNA. That’s one of countless fascinating details of biochemistry, that part of our RNA and also DNA is a type of sugar. 

I read part of a research article regarding D-ribose and mitochondria and it humorously compared the ribose to cellular currency! I imagine them trading and bartering in there like, “Hey, you got any D-Ribose on you? I’ve gotta be at the job site all day and forgot to pack a lunch.” There’s a lot of comedic potential there.


Understanding D-Ribose and Mitochondrial Function: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5959283/

Well, if indeed “as above, so below” is the Philosopher’s Stone, the different types of cells are somewhat akin to workers at factories or citizens of cities of the world inside.


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