On The Supplement Shelf: Trehalose + D-Ribose for Longevity & Exercise Recovery

http://www.instagram.com/reel/CZijus1JBVC/ Recovery “RNA” Lemonade: • Sparkling Water • Lemon • Trehalose • D-Ribose • Modified Citrus Pectin I’ve been on a trehalose complex kick for a little while now, long enough to experience that it helps with exercise recovery. Trehalose aka mycose, is a type of energetic and protective sugar produced by the organisms listedContinue reading “On The Supplement Shelf: Trehalose + D-Ribose for Longevity & Exercise Recovery”

Let’s Talk About: Age-ism

First of all — excellence is excellence at any age, and that often comes from *experience,* and weathering both victories and failures. It is completely ridiculous to cap the age of achievement before an individual has the opportunity to truly go out into the world, learn, experiment and explore. Only focusing on athletes in theirContinue reading “Let’s Talk About: Age-ism”